CUBE Tissue Dispenser CHROME

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·  This black square tissue box is the perfect cover for all standard cardboard tissue boxes.  The product itself is comparable with tissues, handkerchiefs as well as napkins.

·  With an open bottom, simply slide this cube onto whichever tissue box you wish to conceal inside and pull the tissues through the small opening on the to instantly upgrade to a more expensive looking product. This also allows for easy replacement of the tissues inside. 

·  The use of high-quality plastic ABS means that VINN DUNN have created a product that is anti-corrosion and rust-proof allowing the product to be used for an extended period of time with no repercussions.

·  The VINN DUNN Tissue dispenser cube can be found in both matte black and white as well as a chrome finish.



Qty per Carton:12 pcs



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